Obi Emelonye takes on a plethora of contemporary cyber security phenomena in this this stylish and seductive thriller set in London. Chinda, a very famous actor receives an email from an unknown person purporting to have private, compromising video of him. Chinda must pay a large ransom in 24 hours or risk being shamed and disgraced in the eyes of his wife, his family and his adoring global fans. Operating behind layers of VPN encryptions from a council estate in south London, Mighty Igor and his enslaved assistants provide the tip of an international criminal iceberg; lurking to sink many unsuspecting victims. With the clock ticking towards his shameful downfall, Chinda blunders his way through the game of cyber cat and mouse that ensues. Ultimately, he must put everything on the line, close ranks with the most unlikely ally and confront Mighty Igor; at a time that his criminal empire is beginning to unravel from the inside.

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