Getting to know the filmmakers of the BEING BLACK IN CANADA Program - 2020 cohort

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This panel features interviews with the young filmmakers who are part of The Fabienne Colas Foundation's “Being Black In Canada Program”. The Country’s largest professional training and mentorship program dedicated entirely to Black Filmmakers.

We will discuss their experiences during the training and filming in each city, how it has benefitted them and the messages they hope to convey through their films.


Uranranebi Agbeyegbe
My name is Ebi. I am a Nigerian Canadian born and raised in Nigeria. I am a father to a wonderful 4-year-old daughter. I moved to Canada at 16 and have lived here ever since. I graduated from the University of Toronto in 2014. I picked up a camera at 16 and have been in love with it ever since. I have always been in love with storytelling because I believe stories are a way to bring people together. I also believe everyone has a story to tell and it's up to us as filmmakers to see the stories and bring them to life. I hope to keep making films till I can't anymore.

David Peddie
David Peddie is an emerging Writer and Director who dreams of creating original films that span across all genres. David recently graduated from York University's Cinema and Media Studies program where he studied film and its history. David was a participant in the OYA Emerging Filmmakers Program which is a program for young black filmmakers run by the leaders of OYA Media Group. David hopes to one day start his own production company/collective that brings like-minded creatives together to make great and inspirational works of art. As a creative David Peddie is dedicated to turning his dreams into reality with time and hard work.

Selina McCallum was born in Toronto, Ontario and raised by her Tanzanian mother and Jamaican father. She graduated from the University of Windsor where she earned a double degree in Digital Journalism and Communications, Media and Film. She started her own multi-media business called Shot By Selina in 2016. She has captured incredible photos of models, groups, businesses and products. Selina has also shot music videos, commercials and documentaries. Her documentary, Marley’s Journey, was awarded second place in videography at Emerge Media Awards, a national competition, and featured on CBC Windsor. She is passionate about storytelling, social justice and human rights. See Selina’s work on her website and Instagram.

Bethlehem is a Toronto-based multimedia artist, photographer, prospective filmmaker and aspiring actress. She is the recent recipient of the Being Black in Toronto 2020 mentorship and training program. Bethlehem is self-taught, and her distinctive style is a testament to this. Bethlehem’s work centres on narratives familiar to her own lived experiences. At the age of 12, Bethlehem, who is of Eritrean-Ethiopian descent, immigrated from sunny Addis Ababa to Winnipeg, Canada. Her coming of age in a new and unfamiliar place, and subsequent journey to this point, is the subject of many of the stories she intends on telling. She uses her unique and compelling perspective to shed light on the experience of living in the diaspora.

Shani McKenzie is currently enrolled at Ryerson University majoring in film with the aspiration to be a writer and director. Having the career goal of being behind the camera she has worked odd film jobs since 2018 whether it be in front or behind the camera. Being a black woman in film she tries to show the versatility and art of the experience of being a black woman and bringing an unrepresented perspective to the film industry. Overall, having the goal to create diverse and unique stories, Shani is excited to work with Being Black In Toronto.


Kardeisha Provo - a filmmaker born and raised in North Preston, Nova Scotia. She strives to make herself, her community, and the world better through creative visual storytelling. On her YouTube channel, she speaks her truth and attempts to shed light on her community and challenges misrepresentation. She is a recipient of the Nova Scotia Human Rights Award for her visual storytelling.

Tyler Simmonds - an emerging Film Director and Keynote Speaker on mental health and mindfulness. He has spoken at many notable events such as TEDx and We Day. In 2016, the Huffington Post named him one of the “10 Inspirational people under 30 you should be following on Twitter.” Tyler aims to create impactful and engaging films that are “Made to touch your soul.”

Lily Nottage - Born and raised in the sunny islands of The Bahamas, Lily Nottage is no stranger to stunning visuals. Her initial encounter with the media world was through modelling. The moment she invested in her first camera, she quickly discovered that behind the lens was where she truly belonged. She is passionate about creating digital content.

Andre Anderson - Filmmaker, entrepreneur, and community advocate. He is also the founder and CEO of the social enterprise “FortyFour Consulting” which seeks equitable solutions surrounding diversity and inclusion on a personal, organizational, and community level. He aims to make a lasting impact within his community through growth, education, and art.


Steve Deku is a Filmmaker & Content Creator who mainly operates within the world of Sports documentaries. Here, he explores movement and rhythm through an examination of athletics as performance art. After spending several years operating within the uncontrollable realities of sports documentation, Steve is aiming to return to narrative filmmaking with work that explores the societal notions of masculinity and race.

Dee Edouard-Williams is an aspiring filmmaker living in Montreal. She earned an Honours Bachelors in Culture and Expression at York University, and more recently a Graduates Diploma in Communications from Concordia. Through film and storytelling, she aims to showcase the beauty and importance of Black experiences that connect the ever-growing diaspora.

Melannie Jonas-Ng is a Guyanese-Canadian filmmaker and photographer living in Montreal. She is currently in pursuit of her bachelor's degree in film productions at Concordia University. She utilizes a surrealist approach to explore the mind’s thoughts, emotions, and dreams. Her goal is to incorporate more people of colour in film and exhibit untold stories.

Devantie Johnson is a Jamaican-Canadian aspiring filmmaker living in Montreal, Quebec. After his studies at Concordia University, he focused his attention on film. His goal is to inspire the next generation of filmmakers or anyone with a dream through the art of storytelling. Amelya Hempstead Amelya [She/They] is a Queer Audio Video Specialist currently freelancing through her Production Studio, Apt. 6. Completing a Bachelor's in Music and Music Technology from McGill, their passions lie in collaborating, creating, and capturing intermediate art forms by exploring intersectionality, focusing on marginalized folks, and forming spaces for their existences to thrive.

Moderator: Tayo Bero- Award-winning Culture Writer and Radio Producer
Tayo Bero is an award-winning culture writer and radio producer. Her work often appears in publications like Chatelaine Magazine, Teen Vogue, the Guardian and on CBC Radio. Covering issues spanning race, culture, feminism and the African diaspora, Tayo is committed to uplifting marginalized voices and telling unique stories.