In light of Ottawa's burgeoning film industry, with arenas closed for filming and over eight films produced this year, questions arise about the inclusivity of Black creatives. Are they receiving equitable opportunities, and is the industry equally bustling for Black individuals?


Ladane Ali - Poet, Comedian/ Screenwriter

Ladane is a poet, comedian/ screenwriter based in Ottawa. She firmly believes in the power of telling authentic stories in all forms to help cultivate a more resilient, kinder, and most importantly fairer society. She strongly believes that a city without a vibrant art scene is devoid of a soul. We do not have to move mega cities to create, we just need to create local communities and institutions that can nurture creativity. And finally, we need to keep working towards an equitable space for ALL artist to thrive.


Iyore Edegbe BBIC - Actor and Director

Guided by personal experiences and a deep connection to their Nigerian heritage, Iyore Edegbe endeavors to illuminate the often-unseen narratives of underrepresented communities, particularly within the vibrant Nigerian community in Canada.

Through their work, Iyore aims to give voice to the struggles, triumphs, and rich cultural tapestry of the Nigerian diaspora in Canada. By leveraging their unique perspective and intimate understanding of these communities, they strive to challenge stereotypes, bridge divides, and foster a greater sense of understanding and empathy among viewers.

Simba - Actor and Model

Simba has been a dedicated Actor and Model for over 7 years. With a track record of over 40 commercials and prints, he boasts a robust online following exceeding 80,000. Notably, he starred in the TV show 'No Regrets,' produced by Nyce Image which earned him the BAFGC's Best Actor in a TV Show award.

Osasere Atoe - Actor/Actor

A little over three years ago Osasere started in the acting and modeling industry. She has worked on a multitude of projects that highlight BIPOC talent in and around Canada and has been recognized by the Canadian Black Screen Awards.

Allan Andre - Multi-Disciplinary Artist

Allan André, a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist of Haitian descent rooted in Ottawa, is recognized for his artistic presence in diverse international exhibits, including New York, Orlando, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. Notably, he clinched the Ottawa regional championship in Art Battle Canada's speed painting competition in 2014, 2016, and 2019, followed by consecutive victories at the Art Battle National Championship in 2016, 2019, and 2022, earning him the esteemed title of Canada’s best speed painter.

His installation pieces have graced Ottawa's "Nuit Blanche" twice, contributing to the city's nocturnal art scene. In 2015, amidst social unrest, André collaborated with artist Kalkidan Assefa to create a poignant tribute to Sandra Bland, responding to the defacement of a "Black Lives Matter" message on Ottawa’s Tech Wall. His versatility extends to television, where he triumphed on CBC’s art competition show, "Crash Gallery."In addition to his artistic endeavors, Allan is a founding member of the Ottawa Black Artist Collective (OBAK), dedicated to amplifying Black voices in the local arts scene. He has curated two notable art shows, "See Me Now 2020" and "See Me Now 2021," showcasing his commitment to creating spaces for underrepresented narratives.