MAKING IT HAPPEN! - Creating Opportunities for the Ottawa Black Film and TV Community

The Film & TV industry is booming after two years of covid-19 restrictions. More and more opportunities are being presented for artists all around the country, and Ottawa is no different. How can our Black Film & TV community create opportunities and find ways to connect and work together? Can some of the existing challenges our Black artists face in an industry still desperately in need of equal representation be eliminated? What needs to be developed in the Ottawa industry to make this happen?


Deidre J. (Screenwriter & Director, Nyce Image Film)

Deidre J. is a Screenwriter & Director of NyCE Image Film in Ottawa. She is the writer of 3 award winning short films and was featured at the RAW Artists Showcase in Ottawa where she premiered her drama/ romance short titled “No Regrets”. She is currently working on her first original black series, which will showcase some of Ottawa’s most talented actors! Deidre has always been driven and motivated to create films that will engage or have an impact on people.


John Nyce (CEO/Producer, Nyce Image Productions)

John is a film producer living in Ottawa, Ontario. He specializes in cinematography and has earned a reputation for his expertise in filmmaking. His recent projects include working with local filmmakers on documentaries, Series, and Feature films.

Osasere Atoe (Actor & Model)

My name is Osasere Atoe. A little over a year ago I started in the acting industry. I have been fortunate to work alongside my favourite directors, on both films, documentaries, and series that highlight black talent around Canada.

Simba Yakibonge (Actor & Model)

I was born in Montreal and moved to Ottawa 10 yrs ago. I have been acting for 5 years and I went full-time last year. I’ve shot dozens and dozens of commercials, I’m working on an Indie web serie with Deidre and Nyce studios and I’ve also been on History Channel for a documentary for black history month!

Zainab Muse (CEO & Founder, Wingd)

Zainab Muse is an award-winning entrepreneur, author and filmmaker. She is the founder & CEO of Wingd Inc. and Creatorland. She has produced and directed projects for CBC and Bell Media. As a filmmaker, she is on a mission to create and produce stories with strong Afro-feminist values. Her list of producing and directing credits includes Creatorland, Four Women, Know Her Name, Ara Ilu, along with several music videos and short films. Zainab currently has scripted and non-scripted film and television projects in development, and is constantly imagining stories told from the lens of underserved and underestimated women.