EMBRACING THE SKIN WE ARE IN - How does one maintain and not lose their Black Identity in Canadian society? (Panel in French)

Whether we are 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation Black Canadians of African or Caribbean descent or have recently moved to this country, finding our rightful place in this mostly white homogenous society can often take its toll. The need to fit in and our attempt to embrace a new identity without losing the other can be challenging for many racialized people. Maintaining the values and traditions of our Black cultures while integrating Canadian values and culture can cause feelings of displacement and sometimes Imposter syndrome.

This panel will discuss these issues and look at how we can better assimilate into Canadian culture and find a harmonious balance between the two.

Panel présenté par Le Droit

Que nous soyons des Canadiens Noirs de première, deuxième ou troisième génération, d'origine africaine ou antillaise, ou que nous ayons récemment déménagé dans ce pays, il est souvent difficile de trouver la place qui nous revient dans cette société homogène à prédominance blanche. Le besoin de s'intégrer et la tentative d'embrasser une nouvelle identité sans perdre l'autre peuvent constituer un défi pour de nombreuses personnes racialisées. Maintenir les valeurs et les traditions de nos cultures noires tout en intégrant les valeurs et la culture canadienne peut provoquer un sentiment de dépaysement et parfois le syndrome de l'imposteur.

Ce panel discutera de ces questions et explorera comment nous pouvons mieux nous assimiler à la culture canadienne et trouver un équilibre harmonieux entre les deux.


Sarah Onyango (Radio Host, CHUO 89.1FM)

Sarah hosts the monthly African cultural program Fontonfrom, on Rogers TV Cable 22 as well as the weekly radio programs, Ici l'Afrique and Black on Black on CHUO 89.1FM (University of Ottawa community radio). She is very active in the Black community in Ottawa, and has spent over 20 years promoting its people, organizations and causes, as well as hosting events.

Sarah is a board member of Black History Ottawa who coordinates the organization's public relations and outreach activities. Since 2008, Sarah has also been a member of the United Way East Ontario Community Builder Award Recognition team.


Aïchatou Touré (President of the Black Community Council of Gatineau)

Aïchatou is the president of the Black Community Council of Gatineau and responsible for communications for the Festival Kafé Karamel. She is also a columnist for Les matins d'Ici on Radio-Canada. She has won several awards for her community involvement.

Kareen Aristide (Personal Development and Mental Health Specialist)

Kareen accompanies indviduals to prioritize themselves in order to know their vision, solidify their passion and take concrete action towards true transformation. She offers a simple process with systems, tools and strategies helping people live authentically doing what they love!

Nerline Labissiere​​ (Coordonnatrice des relations avec la communauté)

Nerline Labissière is a home and event designer. In 2020 she created Design2Shine, a planning and decor business . Her vision is to highlight African and Haïtian cultures so the community can discover its treasures. When she moved to Gatineau / Ottawa she founded the Black Moms Care group on facebook to bring together the growing Black community in the region and create bondings.

In 2021 she was honored to reinforce her values by joining the Fabienne Colas Foundation as Community Relations Coordinator of the Montreal International Black Film Festival, Toronto Black Film Festival, Ottawa, Calgary and Vancouver International Black Film Festival.

She is an experienced figure skater. Her desire is to teach this winter sport to immigrant families and demonstrate that black culture can be impregnated everywhere.

Stéphanie Guigané (Digital Marketing Consultant)

Stéphanie Guingané Alias Loncani is an entrepreneur and consultant in digital marketing. She helps black-owned business owners get their business online and get the most out of the digital sphere by providing and implementing results-driven strategies!Her web development agency was chosen in the top 10 web design agencies in Ottawa in 2021.

She has been nominated in two categories (Entrepreneur and Community action) of RAF annual gala (Regroupement affaire femmes).

She is a fashion lover and sings as a hobby. She won the prize for the best talent show performance in Miss Burkina Canada in 2014.


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